K.V.S State Bharat Schout & Guide Camp in K.V.No.1,Imphal from 27-11-2011 to 29-11-2011.


A two day camp of Bharat Scout andGuide organized in K.V.No.1, Lamphelpat, Imphal. The Camp started at 8:30 AM on27/11/2011 after taking the breakfast Scouts and Guides went in theirrespective petrols. They did there B.P.6 exercises as well as Surya Namaskarwith their scout master Mr. R.B.Yadav(H.W.B). After Flag break ceremony theyplayed troop games after taking refreshment they learnt about scouting In indiawith scout master Sh.Dharmendra Sharma(advance). Lunch break was 12:30 to 1:30.In the second session Ms. Sharmila told the trainees about First Aid. Mr.Dharmendra Sharma told them about Whistle signals.


On the second day they learn aboutknotting and lacing. They made their tents with the use of one lathi, two lathiand three lathi. The investiture conducted at 2:30 PM.


Annual Plan

1.    Camp for PatrolLeaders

2.    Pravesh TestingCamp

3.    Testing Camp forPratham Sopan

4.    Testing Camp forDwitiya Sopan

5.    Plantation inVidyalaya Campus

6.     Hiking Programme 


Group Committee

1.      Sh. S. P. Singh, Off. Principal President

2.      Sh. Samrat Kohli, Act. Vice Principal Vice President

3.      Sh. P. S. Lakra, I/C Aca. &Assistant Secretary

4.      Sh. R. B. Yadav, HWB, TGT (Hindi) Members

5.      Sh. Amardeep Nikalje, Advance, PRT Member

6.      Sh. Sanoj Kumar, Basic, PGT (Bio-Tech) Member

7.      Km. Sarmila Devi, Basic, PRT Member

8.      Km. Sunita Devi, Basic, PRT Member




Troop No. 16

No of Cadets= 100

TroopCommander = Sh. Radheshyam, 2/o,, Commander NCC, Troop No. 16


Annual Plan

1.    Parade is conducted regularly twice a week todevelop unity, punctuality and discipline among the NCC cadets.

2.     Combined Annual Training Camp 2010-2011 (CATC2010-2011) organized by 14 (M) BN NCC Imphal Manipur during the Autumn Break.

3.     Trekking programme organized by NationalAdventure Foundation (NAF) Manipur Chapter.

4.     Refresher Course attended by the AssociateNCC Officer (ANO) for new rules and regulation about the NCC.

5.     Time to time Social Service is done by theNCC cadets along with the Associated NCC officer (ANO) to clean the surroundingarea.


To open one Girls troop for GirlStudents


Progress ofPlan